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The Global Diaspora Group for (GPS)2
GPS/Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity & Sustainable Security & development for all.
Promoting Free and Fair Trade in Global Goods, Products & Services

Who are we?
Global Diaspora Group/GDG is a global institution designed to provide a digital platform for investment opportunities for the Global Diaspora Communities across the world. We encourage our global stakeholders (Millennial Diaspora, Classic Diaspora, Modern Diaspora and Post-Modern Diaspora) across the world to invest in GPS/Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity and Sustainable Security among its host and home communities across the world.

Our Passion:
To promote the culture of ICE/Integrity, Compliance & Excellence – always by Preventing Waste, Reducing Abuse and Eliminating the Threat of Fraud via CATS/Complete, Accurate, and Timely signed and dated documentation of all our activities.

What do we do?
GDG consists of two complementary for-profit and non-profit institutions called Global Diaspora Enterprises and Global Diaspora Connect that work to promote consensus-led, term-limited proportional GPS/Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity and Sustainable development and security-based public and private institutions across the world by investing in Compound Interest based blockchain encryption technology of cloud digital currency mining that is designed to transform global economy.

Who are our stakeholders?
GDG consists of three sets of key stakeholders: the includes the Millennial Diaspora Group (the Original Out of Africa migration, the Classical Diaspora Group (the last huge Diaspora of 500 years ago), and Modern Diaspora Group (the new diaspora of the past 50 years) and the Postmodern Diaspora (the new wave of migrations since the year 2000 and the children of the Modern Diaspora.

Investing in the future generation of (GPS)2 = Global Trade and investment for Goods, Products & Services via Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity & Sustainable Security and Development by proactively empowering the Majority (Millenial >80%) and Divine Feminines (>51%) of Global Population!

The Post Modern Global Diaspora Group is the most digitally connected and is expected to change the current paradigm of man-made and natural disasters suffered by the current and future set of internal and external diaspora due to the constant and perpetual insecurity that forces them to leave their home communities into unknown and risky new host communities.

The Connected and Disconnected Global Diaspora.

The Disconnected Global Diaspora
The Modern Diaspora Group of the past 50 years is the only living diaspora connected with both the home and host communities with specific family ties and knowledge of both home and host community networks. It also happens to be the wealthiest and most resourceful diaspora group that is making a significant economic, social and cultural diversity contributions to both the home and host communities.

The Connected Modern Global Diaspora
The Other Diaspora Groups, be it the descendants of the Millennials, Classical or Post-Modern Diaspora, are by and large disconnected with their respective home communities and have access only to to connect to their communities of origin. As such, they need the assistance and collaboration of the Great Modern Diaspora to connect them to their home communities.

The future: The Post Modern Global Digital Diaspora
The Post-Modern Diaspora are potentially the most digitally connected and potentially the best to benefit from compound interest-based blockchain technology platform of digital investing opportunity of the future.

As such, the GDG is designed to empower the most digitally connected Millennials (40-year olds) who are (>80%) of the global population or otherwise known as the Post-Modern Diaspora who can transfer the world with Digital Currency Mining and Cloud Forex Investment opportunities of htttps://

Introducing Global Diaspora Group & investing in Global Digital Currency as a tool for Sustainable Prosperity in 2018 & beyond!

Compound interest based blockchain encryption technology

USI-TECH is an automated market for the Forex Market

  • 12 Years old corporation based in Europe and owned by four European Software Engineers
  • Promotes Investing in Digital Currency @
  • Bitcoin = Peer-to-Peer Digital Currency, 2009, stated by Tochi Yak moto, an anonymous person in Australia.
  • Blockchain logs all anonymous transaction.
  • Bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet or digital bank.
  • A virtual bank that can help you do business transactions across the world.

How do we get Bitcoin or BTC package?

  • USI has an incredible mining industry to get BTC package.
  • $100 put it in a saving account.
  • Bank will invest it on your behalf and you earn 1% to 8% per year.
  • BTC package has a value of $60 or 50 Euro.
  • Buy and sell on bitcoin exchange.
  • Bitcoin ATM.
  • Buy from a private Bitcoin seller.
  • Fees range 03-20% from different Bitcoin exchanges.

Buying the package or the product

  • 2 BTC Package will cost $100 and purchased from USI-TECH.

The USI-TECH Cloud mining operations

  • Payment of an average of 1% a day, every business day. (Mon-Fri)
  • Until the BTC get their 140% of their original values.

Empowering the GDG via Digital Currency Investment

  • Day one: 1% of $100= $1
  • Day Two: 1% of $100= $2
  • Day 100: 1% of 100= $100
  • Day 140 : 1% of 100= $140.0
  • Average of 0.75 and 1.5%

If you buy 2 BTC for $100, you make $500 per year, $120 K in five years.

Who benefits from the Compounding Effect?

Albert Einstein is credited with saying:
“Compound Interest is the 8th Wonder of the World”
“……He who understands it earns it…”
“……He who doesn’t pays it…”

The Compounding Options: Benefiting the majority (99%) population

A. Past: 21st Century Business. The minority, such as The Banks, uses the Compounding effect in the Mortgage Business.

  • A House price of $250K, you pay $1.20K/month for 40 years.
  • You pay double the amount in 40 years.
  • The Banks make the $250K at the end of 40 years.

B. Future: 22nd Century Business. The majority uses the Digital Currency Market to make Compounding system work for them. An idea whose time has come in effect the “enlightened you” benefiting 4m compounding effect, at last paying attention to Albert Einstein! Almost 60 years late!

  • Day One 20 packages 0.25 Bitcoin Value of the packages.
  • Day 140 78 0.75 Bitcoin.

The Benefit of Sharing: How you get paid if you invite others to join the Cloud Digital Mining industry and digital currency investment business

  • Level One: 1 BTC package sell you get 10%.
  • Level Two: 3% package price.
  • Level 3-8: 3% of package price.
  • Level 9-12= 1% of package price.

4.8 The Four Cash Flow Quadrants

WhoOwnership (Compounds Time to $)Value
1. Employee= Has a job and converts his or her time 4$
(Field Nigger/Slave or Serf or “Cooli”)
2. Self Employed= Owns a job, converts his or her time to $
(Home Nigger/Slave or professional “Sook Be Dedrete”)
3. Business Owner= Owns another people’s time, converts it 2$
(Entrepreneur/Slave Owner or the Boss or “Balabat”)
4. Investors= Invest money in other businesses profit to make $
(The President, King or “Negus”)
5. Digital Currency Investor= Invests packages into cloud mining to make
(The Chair Person/King of Kings/Emperor or “Neguse-Negest”)

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